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We would like to share our experiences with the Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. It is a real pleasure working with the Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse team. A couple important observations: I have watched Ken McNabb match horses to riders for a few years now and I am still amazed at how perfect his matches turn out to be. He understands people’s personalities but more importantly he understands the horses and makes the match. The lengthy D-M program of preparation of the horses for the sale works. We see hundreds of horses come through the Horse Hotel side of our business; the only truly broke horses we see when comparing them are D-M horses. We will only buy D-M Horses now; they have a horse for every rider, from accomplished and experienced riders, ranch hands, or show competitors to beginners. The sales are hosted at the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming. Every outfit has a culture and the Powderhorn is no exception with a culture of hospitality and welcoming family values. The preparation that goes into the sales are clear in the highly organized and personalized approach to buyer’s needs. The True and McNabb families and the D-M team make it all possible. During the 2022 Fall sale we were looking for a horse suitable for“grandkids to grandma.”  Ken and the D-M team guided us with a couple options that ultimately led to our purchase of Cash Man, an older ranch horse that has seen and done it all.  A perfect fit for what we were looking for and during the entire interaction, regardless of how busy they must have been, they made us feel like we were the only buyers working with them.  Cash Man is a horse that takes care of our grandkids from 4-10 and also grandma and grandpa. Our older grandkids ride him with us for all imaginable chores and pleasure rides. Cash Man took care of grandpa on a day-long search over hundreds of acres looking for a lost heifer, steadily keeping up with the younger crew while doing everything asked, including a bit of bushwhacking. We can’t say enough about the Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse team, thank you! -T&P with "Cash Man" | September 2022 Sale

Biscuit riding in CA Poppies

I attended my first Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale in June 2022 and purchased Biscuit, now called Buck. I have owned Buck for 7 months and he always puts a smile on my face. His ranch training has made him a calm and gentle horse who has been great for trail, camping and sorting cows. I have taken him out alone in the creeks and hills, in groups, out to a regional wilderness park for riding and cattle sorting. I have pointed him down the sides of steep hillsides and asked him to climb up loose dirt hills. In short, he has done everything asked of him. He then goes off and takes a nap but is ready to go full blast when you ask him. He is simply a great little guy with a wonderful disposition and is also the hit of the barn with his personal and friendly approach to all that happen by. The sale was organized, professional and enjoyable. All of my questions were answered before the sale and on sale day, and Ken even discussed the horses of interest to me for suitability for my use. Anyone looking for a great ranch horse should checkout the sale.
-RK and “Biscuit” | June 2022 Sale

"The Joyful Couple' with Truffle & Carmen

Through phone conversations with the Diamond-McNabb staff, Tom and I excitedly drove the 8 hours to attend the 14th annual Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse sale. We studied the sale catalog, watched the YouTube videos, then made our list and the first person we met was DeeDee McNabb! She was every bit as kind and sweet as she is seen on Ken’s shows. She said, “We need to get you to Ken to look over your list.” Ken, the true and professional horseman, spent time with us as well and we felt like we had just met some genuine new and trusted friends. With intentions to purchase one horse, on sale day Hip #11, Truffle, became mine! As the sale continued, I couldn’t help but feel that Tom and Hip #44, Carmen, were meant to be and so she became ours as well… The sale team nicknamed us “the joyful couple” as our happy family went home with 2 Diamond-McNabb horses. Their training is like no other horses we have ever had! This was our first experience with an auction and every staff member was super helpful, extremely knowledgeable and made us feel welcome. Blessings!
-T&D with “Truffle & Carmen” | June 2022 Sale

I just wanted to take a moment and share some thoughts about my experience purchasing a horse through the Diamond-McNabb auction.  I am not a seasoned horseman or rancher and am new to horse ownership. I am confident that you have forgot more about horses than I will ever know. Much of what I have learned about horsemanship has come as a result of your YouTube channel. 

While watching your channel, I came across the videos showcasing your yearly auction. The videos impressed me so much, I decided I was going to try to get a horse through one of the auctions. Friends thought I was crazy. I would purchase a horse that I’ve never met and only seen through some short videos. I decided to move forward anyway. I think I watch the highlight videos at least 20 times and I came up with a list of 13 horses I thought I wanted. In the videos you said, if you had any questions to please reach out and give you a call so I did exactly that, and who should answer the phone but Ken McNabb himself. You asked me about my riding experience, confidence level, what I was going be using the horse for, where I live and my surroundings. At NO time during the conversation did I feel that I was inconveniencing you or that you were rushed. 

After you had a better understanding of who I was and what I wanted to use the horse for, I shared my list with you. Immediately you told me if you thought the horse would work or that I should remove it from consideration. You gave me additional pros and cons of each horse I asked about. With every minute I spent with you on the phone it became more and more obvious that it wasn’t about me buying a horse, it was about ensuring that I bought the right horse. The phone call concluded with my original list of 13 narrowed down to 7, plus 2 additions that you and your team suggested I look at. Fast forward to sale day and I am happy to say I was the fortunate winner of Lot 73, Baron. I had not chosen him on my original list, but he came recommended by you and your staff after you talked to me about my ability and confidence.

It is hard to believe that I have had Baron almost one year. He is the exact horse you said he would be, everything as described from his attitude to his ability. I could not be happier in this purchase and the entire process. I cannot count the number of compliments I have received about him. He has fulfilled his role in every possible way. I have ridden him on every possible trail you can imagine from a long busy streets to water crossings and he has performed outstandingly. He has even helped out on parking duty for the Norco rodeo, he was in the Norco Christmas parade and even went to my school to let children ride a horse for the first time. He is one outstanding horse and it's almost like a child story book; the ranch horse moves to the city. You and the entire Diamond McNabb operation displayed the definition of integrity from top to bottom, “a firm adherence to a code of especially moral and artistic value: incorruptible, above reproach.” Because this experience was so impressive, I have signed up for a Trail Rider University clinic and I definitely know I will be purchasing another horse through Diamond McNabb. May God continue to bless you and your family!
-DP & “Baron” | June 2022 Sale

Fitz and the grandkids

Fitz, now named Liberty, will be the staple for three very happy grandkids for the next few years; loved, babied and pampered along the way. He is such a sweet soul and we love him! Clearly, he knows what he’s doing not only with the grandchildren who adore him(and he adores the attention), but in ranch use as well. So much so that I have gone to using him as a mentor to work our own two-year-olds. He’s calm and level-headed with outstanding hillside obstacle attributes. He seems to put the two-year-olds at ease to concentrate on the work at hand. We will look forward to your summer auctions in the future with anticipation. Thanks again.
– BW & “Fitz” | June 2022 Sale

Hello Diamond-McNabb! I love love love my two DM horses! I know several of my riding buddies wish they had one of their own. The first horse I bought from your sale was in 2016; Hip #34 Levi. The last horse I bought from your sale was Hip #2 Cider in 2022. I reached out via email prior to attending both sales in person in order to shorten my list and received a helpful and honest reply pretty darn quick! I loved that they would honestly identify a horse that would not be suitable for me and suggest others that would. 

Once at the sale I found everyone still incredibly helpful. Both my horses are exactly as represented. I ride 500-600 miles a year and they are both so solid regardless of terrain or weather. I’ve put many friends on them both (experienced and inexperienced) without needing to worry. Both have a great work ethic and ride off after time off as though they were ridden just the day before. My riding friends like to tuck their horses in behind my two DM horses because they know my two won’t spook or act silly. When it is time to retire Levi I will be back!
-SS with “Levi & Cider” | Multiple Sales

Cider (left) and Levi (right)

We have followed the Diamond-McNabb Horse Sale from the very beginning. We were not looking for a horse at the time but we wanted to be ready when the time came. We have followed and used Ken's training methods through the years. When the time came to find a horse which fit our needs, we began the search. The 2020 sale horses were listed and we began our evaluation. Since it is an auction sale, we had to feel comfortable with horses in the sale and the guarantee of the horse after the sale. We watched hours and hours of the horse videos we were interested in and contacted Ken many times to talk about our horses we selected and if they would fit our needs. Ken always spent the time to talk and answer questions and we also talked to the trainers who were riding and training the specific horses. Everyone was great and took the time to help us. Auction day came and we became the proud owners of Smartie, a two year old with approximately 30 rides. Smartie was special from the beginning when we picked him up from the ranch. He keeps excelling. He had a solid foundation for me to build from and what fun I have had training and riding him! We were riding at Shawnee National Forest this last year and under all conditions he handled it like a veteran. Great personality and willing to please. In 2022 we purchased another young horse, Ace, with the same process and results. Ken and his staff were great and Ace is turning out to be an awesome horse already. We can't say enough great things about the DM horse sale. The DM brand on Smartie gets people’s attention, along with his looks and demeanor. Ken and his staff are honest about the horses and you can trust their word. Thanks Ken and your staff from satisfied customers.
-B&K with “Smartie & Ace” | Multiple Sales

My sister and I had an excellent experience at the sale on June 4th, 2022. I would definitely attend again and purchase another horse! The first horse I got didn't work out for my age and health level but Diamond-McNabb was better than their word on the Good-Fit guarantee and as a result I now own "Summit,” a 12-year-old registered grulla gelding. He is so well trained in many ways including ranch work, arena riding, and trail. So well-seasoned in every way that nothing surprises him and a real gentle soul. This horse has a "connection" and bonding to people. He wants to be near you and even from across the pasture he will come trotting from aways away. If he sees you here, he comes! He doesn't spook or ever get hot or antsy, he is great with cats and dogs around his legs, calm and friendly when trailering to the vet clinic for routine stuff and the vets love this guy! Moving cows is a real pleasure on him and through any terrain, he's solid under you. The ranches that we ride with think he's a really fine animal and he is an 'honest’ horse through and through. The perfect ending to the weekend was the church service and blessing!  -CG & “Summit”| June 2022 Sale

Summit on a ride with his owner & her champion pup!

After meeting her before the auction weekend, I knew immediately that Trixie was the horse for me! I was very unsure about how to bid, etc. so Ken and staff introduced me to someone who could help. On horse sale day I was so excited and nervous, and Trixie was hip #70 so I had to wait a long time sitting next to the man who was helping me. When we got her I was stomping my feet and everyone around me was cheering me on! The next day was Sunday and I attended the cowboy church service given by Ken’s dad. It was a wonderful sermon and I felt that everyone in our country should hear what he said! I felt like I was in a “happy bubble” the whole time I was at the ranch. EVERYONE was so friendly and helpful, like one big happy family. The Diamond-McNabb horse sale is so organized, making everyone feel so welcome! What a great experience it was in getting another horse! Trixie arrived in Idaho a few days later and I am so very thankful to have this very special sweet, kind, and athletic horse. -ST & “Trixie” | June 2022 Sale

Clover at her first show

Wanted to update you all on Clover, now named River. This little mare is one heck of a Diamond-McNabb ambassador. Hauled to a ranch horse show this weekend to expose her to it. If you didn’t know she was 2 years old you would think she was 20. She lunged in the warm-up ring with other horses, hung out on the rail with the announcer going, and walked all around the grounds with all of the commotion going. Nothing ruffled her one bit. I’m grateful to y’all for breeding and bringing up such a nice filly. She is just a joy to be around! - MM & “Clover” | June 2022 Sale

Gibbs showing ARHA

Diamond-McNabb is so special to me and my family. We have bought One True Horse x 6. Gibbs and Sparky in 2013, Ranger in 2016, Boomer in 2018, Tramp in 2021 and Joe in 2022. We bought 2 in person and 4 via online and phone bidding. All have been great. Each of our aged geldings have done ranch work, competed in ARHA shows and babysat our two- and four-year-old grandbabies in the same week. I've also taken them to Ken McNabb Horsemanship clinics at the Powderhorn, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida. They haul great, have awesome manners and are the same every time you pull them out of the pasture, even with a long layoff. People notice my horses. They are set apart by the way they act in all environments. I've made a lot of lifelong friends due to the DM program too. I'll always be grateful!
-JD & Horses | Multiple Sales

I had a wonderful experience in the purchase of Tucker. First, he is absolutely everything that he was advertised to be. From the moment he unloaded, after the long miles of travel, he was a perfect gentleman. He’s been a dream come true for me, such a sweet boy and such a steady ride. I had never participated in an auction before and it was a great experience. I had lots of questions, and all were answered in a timely manner and in a kind way. I’ve already decided if the time comes for me to purchase another horse, there’s no doubt I want a Diamond-McNabb horse. Everything about my experience has been perfect and I love, love, love him. I have renamed him Rhythm, after the name of my late grandmother’s horse. Thank you for such a great experience and such a great horse! -CB & “Tucker” | September 2021 Sale

When I retired, I knew I wanted to purchase two horses, which would allow me to fulfill a childhood dream and share my passion with family and friends. I was familiar with Ken McNabb from RFD-TV and when I discovered he had an annual sale, I researched further. I sensed integrity and sincerity in the content available and felt the representation of faith was genuine. Through phone calls with Diamond-McNabb staff, the online videos and catalog, I determined I would focus my search on the June 2021 sale.

After speaking with the Diamond McNabb crew in person at the preview, my wife and I were even more convinced we could come home with two very well-trained horses. Although we could not be certain of getting horses on our priority list, we were confident the horses were represented honestly and the good-fit guarantee gave us comfort.

 Happily, we came home with two wonderful 8-year-old geldings: Pistol and Pancho. We are very happy with both horses and have confidently had friends and family ride them in the arena and on trails. Their ground manners are impeccable and their talent far exceeds mine. I learn more from them than they do from me. I am hoping to attend a clinic in the future. Thanks to the entire Diamond-McNabb family, Pancho and Pistol are now part of ours. -S&L and “Pancho & Pistol” | June 2021 Sale

We brought Easter home from the 2021 DM Auction.  We got so much guidance from the staff and we came home with our perfect horse! She’s steady, quiet and kind. She’s everything you could want from a quarter horse and more. So happy to have been able to purchase her. Thank you all so much! -LJ & “Easter” | June 2021 Sale

Charlie Brown (aka Chuck) truly has been such a fun horse me. I love that he wants to be with you whether riding or on the ground. And that he just seems to be willing to try whatever is asked of him. I personally have had some medical issues to deal with so riding as often as I want has not happened this last year. But if I ride 2 or 3 times a week or don't ride for 2 or 3 months he is the same willing boy. I was lucky enough to bring him back to the ranch this summer for the week and ride in the Trail Rider University. I plan to make the trip again this year to enjoy again the company of so many wonder people. -BK & “Charlie Brown”| June 2021 Sale

I bought my first DM horse at the very first DM auction. I called ahead of the auction and the team took the time to ask the right questions to help them fit me with the best horses for my experience and my goals. I went to the auction with a list of horses and immediately knew the best horse for me after watching the previews. They represented him as a great horse but he surpassed that immediately. He is the horse of a lifetime and has been my best friend ever since that sale day. We have spent a ton of time riding and building my confidence and I knew as he aged that when I would look for another horse again I would come back to the DM horses. In 2018 I came back and bought my second DM horse. He had big shoes to fill and has not disappointed. The DM horses have grown me as a rider and I respected the program so much that I came back in 2019 to ride at the Powderhorn in Ken’s 3-week apprenticeship program which was life changing for me. In 2021 I came back to the sale to purchase the young horse (Boomer) that I had the opportunity to put the first couple of rides on during Ken’s program. This auction has changed the course of my life and I not only now have 3 wonderful DM horses that are amazing, but I have lifetime friends and experiences that I would have never had without it. -HL & Horses | Multiple Sales

I have worked with Diamond McNabb for three years now and our experience has been great.  Our first Diamond-McNabb purchase, Monte, is worth all the money we paid for him. Ken introduced us to him as he was not on our initial list. I was/am a novice rider (and pretty old if you recall) and I wanted a horse I could ride seven days and six nights on a cattle drive. Monte has been with me on several cattle drives, The Great Florida Cattle Drive 2022, and Booger Brown drive in AL, to mention a couple. Monte carries the flag at the beginning of each show at the Ranch and is the all-around favorite to ride on the trail, of the girls on our barrel race team.  He is a handsome dude for sure, very responsive to the rider young or old. I really did not need another horse but our lesson program and barrel racing training program needed horses for intermediate riders to progress on. I have found that the Ranch horses have a very good foundation to build on for the riders.

The online auction process itself works very well even for the non-technical type like me. In 2021 I bought a horse at the last minutes of the auction, and ended up sending him back. I had not talked with DM staff. The Good-Fit Guarantee offered is really a big factor for me in bidding on DM horses. The outcome was good and an easy process. I have always found it helpful and beneficial to be able to talk with Hailey, Hannah or Ken about the potential horses. They took the time to learn about our program needs and type of riders before making recommendations. The first year when we bought Monte, the opportunity to visit the ranch, meet the owners and trainers and even ride prospective horses sold me on the DM horses and auction. I wish I lived closer when auction time comes around.

In 2022 we bought Boone and Tundra, and again DM’s input helped us with our decisions to purchase. Staff and consignors were able to help arrange transportation back to Florida and when Boone and Tundra arrived at our ranch the girls saddled them up and tried them out. Yes, on the barrels too. Today they are in our lesson program and run some barrels with intermediate riders. They also spend time every day out on the trail for relaxation.

Prior to learning about DM, my horse buying experience was not a good long-term experience.  Now, when people ask me about Monte and where I got him, I am very happy to tell them he came from Ken McNabb.  -DB & Horses | Multiple Sales

I purchased Monster (DLL Boss Cat) at the DM Auction in 2021. Monster could go absolutely any direction with his breeding, start in life and solid foundation. We have had so many experiences and he has exceeded my wildest dreams! I am forever grateful for him.
-KM & “Monster” | June 2021 Sale

Gidget on a barrel pattern

I bought Gidget in order to participate in cow sorting, barrel racing and trail riding around my stables in Idaho. I could not be more pleased with the online purchase. When Gidget stepped off the trailer, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. An awesome animal to look at. And talented. Very cowy and very much a performer. She is totally sound, a gifted athlete and more than I expected. She has a background in cutting and roping and would be happy to do either of those again but is content to do rather less. We are enjoying a good partnership. -SB & “Gidget” | June 2021 Sale


At 49 years old, I was looking to find my very first horse. A horse suitable for a beginner rider who I could trail ride within the Colorado Rockies. Boy, did I hit the jackpot when I found Magnum in the 2017 sale! Not only is he a trail horse deluxe, he is fantastic working cows. I learned about the Diamond-McNabb horse sale from a gal down in south Texas where I grew up. As a first time horse buyer, I felt completely comfortable purchasing a horse from this sale.  The terms of the sale were very fair and all the folks involved were very helpful, honest and knowledgeable about all of the sale horses. I now have 4 DM horses: Magnum, Aladdin, Duke and Arizona! Each horse I bought turned out to be exactly as described by the comments in the catalog and by the people familiar with the horse.
- SJ &Horses | Multiple Sales

I just wanted to you let you all know what a great horse Cash is turning out to be. He was pretty stressed when he first arrived after a long haul from Wyoming to Redmond, Washington but quickly settled in and bonded with the donkeys and other horses in his immediate area. He is everything I could hope for and it has been a great two years now getting to really know each other. Our real bonding came at a four-day professional horse clinic. Cash really loves the trails and was exceptional at the obstacle course. I knew after that experience that I could really trust him to take care of me. The video you had of him has been really helpful too. It showed me what he is capable of and even though we don’t have easy access to rivers, I sure know he isn’t scared of water and easily went through the water obstacle on the trail course we took. He is one well trained horse. He knows a lot more than I could have hoped for. I just wanted to let you know how much I adore this horse. We are learning and growing together and I know I got the horse I was supposed to get. I have recommend DM to everyone who asks where I got Cash and will continue to do so. You guys do a great job training and caring for these horses. - AM & “Cash” | Fall 2021 Sale

Prior to the 2020 Diamond-McNabb auction, I studied the catalog and contacted Ken, looking for a horse that was safe for an old arthritic woman. Auction day was so exciting even though it was all online due to COVID. With the computer mouse in my nervous hand, I kept bidding on Rocky, until I heard “Sold! He’s going to Indiana." Two days later I received exactly the horse I needed. I have trail ridden him all over Indiana and into Ohio. Never a misstep, never a refusal, always sane and sound. I LOVE this horse and hope to ride him into our twilight years. Thank you Diamond-McNabb! - CG & “Rocky’ | June 2020 Sale

Weston at home in the South

I had followed the Diamond-McNabb sale for a number of years and never pulled the trigger on purchasing a horse. I was always worried about finding the right horse and had always thought I needed to be at the auction to pick out my horse. The time of year never worked in my favor to get to the sale. When 2020 came around, I started looking for my horse partner again. I mean, the pictures are beautiful and the videos of the horses are amazing. When the sale became online only due to COVID, I became less worried about eyes on the horse because so much information came my way. I had talked to Ken and the team countless times via phone and emails. They provided me with a short list of horses they felt fit my needs based on the information I had given to them. With the confidence they have in each horse and the guarantee they offer, I figured I had nothing to lose. I watched the videos, I kept asking questions and I trusted them and their team.

I bid, I won, and I have the best partner I could ever ask for. Weston, lucky #7, is my dream horse and is exactly the way he was described to me. He came soft, slow and gentle. He is so personable and wants attention. He loves to rest his head on my shoulder. He lets anyone ride him. He travels through anything and does so with confidence. These are all the attributes I had wanted. There are many times I do not get on him on a regular basis, and when I do get on him, he is the same horse every time. I am so grateful to the Diamond-McNabb team for their time into my horse. I highly recommend their sale. - BH & “Weston” | June 2020 Sale

Spirit, now named Lakota

Words cannot begin to describe how truly amazing this sale is! Even for the years I have gone just to watch, it is always such a fun and high-energy environment. I have never met a group of more welcoming and honest people in my life, who strive to sell each buyer the perfect horse for them. It was because of their honesty and communication that I ended up getting my horse Spirit (renamed Lakota). This horse has been nothing short of amazing for me! Not even two weeks after bringing him home I threw him into our local mounted unit police training, which included gunfire and smoke bombs, and he was flawless. He has taken all the craziness I have thrown at him and exceeded my expectations. Whether it was drill team, 4-H, or even roman riding, he has always given me his whole heart. I used him for two weeks at the National Western Stock Show this past January where we would perform in sometimes 3 rodeos a day. He was the same solid horse for every ride, no matter how tired he was. My drill team would also do an act to kick off each rodeo called “Lighted Grand Entry.” We would perform a high-speed drill in the pitch-black arena with LED costumes as our light. Even with all this stimulation, the loud music and the audience, he still listened to every cue I gave him and performed like it was just a regular drill. I am so thankful and blessed to have gotten Lakota from this sale. If it was not for their dedication and true transparency about each horse, I would not have gotten this perfect horse for me.
– MR & “Spirit” | June 2020 Sale

Calypso at Trail Rider University

Fifteen years ago I attended the first Diamond-McNabb sale in Casper. I dreamed of owning a horse with the Diamond-McNabb brand because they were all quality. I never thought it would be truly possible but I guess dreams really do come true. In 2020 I was not in the market for a horse and had no intention of buying one. I had come to the Diamond-McNabb sale merely to help my friend find her horse of a lifetime. But I placed a bid on a yearling colt named Calypso and next thing I knew my screen was flashing “WINNER!” Sunday morning I met Calypso for the 1st time. He walked onto the trailer without hesitation, hauled back to Washington like a seasoned pro and has been living up to his name, DLL Genuinely Heaven, ever since. I started him under saddle in his three-year-old year. On his fifth ride I shot off him at mounted shooting practice. With fifteen rides on him we hauled back to the Powderhorn and attended Trail Rider University. I got on him after a three month winter layoff and he was the same horse I had gotten off in October. I'm incredibly proud to own a homeraised Diamond McNabb horse. Calypso came outta the box exactly as described. He's honest and gentle, a quick learner and he's easy to look at. He's growing up to be an amazing partner and I am over the moon happy with my purchase! Thanks for breeding great horses.
-JW & “Calypso” | June 2020 Sale

If you are looking to purchase a horse I highly recommend Diamond-McNabb. All four horses that I have purchased between 2010 and 2019 are still with me to this day and anyone can ride them including my wife and grandkids. The Diamond-McNabb employees are very friendly and will help you find the right horse for your needs.” DN & Horses | Multiple Sales

This letter of reference is for Diamond Ranches and Ken McNabb. We have purchased 4 horses over the past 4 years, one of them being returned per your warranty agreement and repurchased a horse the following year, which is exactly as you stated. We are pleased with everything to do with the sale, your livestock, and the quality of this event. Anyone looking for a good horse I highly recommend this sale and these people. I am planning on going to this next year's sale, hopefully without my checkbook...haha! - A&L and Horses | Multiple Sales

We bought McCrae from y’all in the spring of 2017. We have a large yearling operation here in southeast Colorado and for McCrae’s first year here I personally used him on the ranch to rope and doctor and ship yearlings. The next spring McCrae became the main mount for our son Ace who was 5 years old at that time. McCrae is still Ace’s main horse, they have done everything together from shipping cattle to showing in our local county fair so I would say he has definitely lived up to and exceeded our expectations of him. We enjoyed going to your sale and need to make plans to come back. - CA &“McCrae” | June 2017 Sale

DLL Dash Of Playgun

DLL Dash Of Playgun has been a tremendous mare. I purchased her as a two-year-old with 10 rides in the 2016 sale, put another 10 good rides on her, took her to the rough mountain country and you’d have never guessed she was a colt. No matter how much time she gets off she comes in the same horse. She’s built like a truck and takes anything you throw at her. She’s currently in my broodmare band and makes babies just like her. I’d take 10 more just like her. And, the roan mare I purchased from you in 2017 is one of my nicest horses. She’s as handy as can be, she stays broke and will eat up a cow. If I need a horse for a tough job, she’s the one I get. On top of all that she throws tremendous colts. Never going to sell this girl! -LA & Horses | Multiple Sales

After 6 months of looking and a bad experience purchasing elsewhere, our son Cole’s trainer was at the sale searching for the perfect match. We could not be at the sale ourselves but she was very impressed with the honest feedback that she was given from your trainers and felt that everyone truly wanted buyers to find the perfect fit. We ended up purchasing a gelding named Pocos Blu Pep and with the guidance of his trainer, he taught Cole so much about horses. As Cole’s horsemanship developed he eventually outgrew Blu but that is what you want to happen. You don’t buy a 16” saddle for your 4-year-old son just because he will grow into it someday, you buy the saddle that fits and keeps him safe until he outgrows it. That is Blu, and he has earned an honorary forever home with our family. I jump on him on occasion bareback and take him for a swim in the pond, or Cole gathers cattle on him. If we have a guest that wants to trail ride we can throw them on Blu. But mostly Blu gets the run of the place to do whatever he wants because he has earned it! Over the years that followed we purchased three started two-year-olds from you all and they came exactly as represented. They were great horses and taught Cole so much about training colts. He did a great job with them and they turned out to be very solid horses. Give our best to everyone, we miss seeing you all at your beautiful ranch! -JP & Horses | Multiple Sales


Nine years later I still have Blue! He is such a nice horse and I ride him not as often as I would like. I am 74 and have to trailer to a park to get some space. Our experience with the sale was good. I love him and no animals will leave my place as long as I live. Best regards.
-LG & “Blue” | June 2014 Sale

Joey on the beach

Hello Diamond-McNabb,
Thank you so much for putting on such a well-organized event full of AMAZING trail riding companions & ranch horses!! I began studying all of the horses to be offered in March. I can't say enough good things about your staff, trainers, consignors, etc. They went above & beyond to answer all of my questions, & there were LOTS!! I spoke with Hannah, Monica, Tracy, Carly, & many more on numerous occasions. They were all instrumental in helping me make decisions. We arrived in Wyoming (from Alabama), with our spreadsheet of our top picks in hand. We attended the Friday preview and it was awesome! I am a little embarrassed to say that the horse I ended up choosing wasn't even on my list!! I thought my criteria was going to be a horse that was no bigger than 15 hands, was AQHA, and 10 years old. But I was open to expand my list...

During Friday’s preview I noticed a beautiful horse with a young lady riding and she couldn't have been more than 80 pounds soaking wet! I waited until she was finished speaking with a couple about her horse. 13-year-old Kylie did a little demo of jog, canter, trot transitions, a stop, sidepass over a pole, trot over cavalettis, go over the bridge... She and her horse were fabulous! It was a pleasure meeting Kylie and Joey, hip # 27. This guy had just moved to the top of my list and 24 hours later would steal my heart!! Joey is 15.3, APHA, & a brilliant 15 year old.

I woke up Saturday morning and told my husband I had dreamed about Joey last night. He said "Well let's go get Joey." So we did!! The process was so easy, and a blast too! It was our first sale experience. My friend Margaret bought Skittles (Hip # 75). He goes by the name Playboy these days. She is equally as thrilled with her Diamond-McNabb ranch horse purchase!! We get compliments on our boys all the time!! When people hear where they came from the immediate response is "Wow, you got a great horse!" Yes we did!! Thank you Diamond-McNabb for the great memories and all the ones still to come!!! - JSJ & “Joey” | June 2014 Sale

Reviewing the horse sale catalog, online information and previewing the horses on Friday is a must in your shopping process! Remember your riding abilities, and how the horse will be used in your selection. The actual auction was exciting, something I have never experienced before. It was very easy from start to finish and I highly recommend it. The quality of horses is exceptional. Shafter is the first horse I’ve owned that I have not trained myself. He is the very best and is the love of my life. Thank you. -RT & “Shafter” | June 2014 Sale

In 2013 we were looking for a solid all-around horse. That Spring while watching Ken on RFD-TV we saw an advertisement for the DM Horse Sale. The sale looked like what we would be interested in. We made the 11-hour trip to Douglas to check it out and went to the preview on Friday night. The quality of the horses was impressive. We talked to Ken and got a list of which horses he thought might fit us. When we shopped the horses it became apparent to us how professionally this sale was run. If you talk to the Diamond-McNabb crew or any of the consignors about their horse you will get honesty. If they don't think their horse is a good fit for you, they'll be honest enough to tell you but they will help you find one that is a good fit. The word that comes to mind when we think about the DM Horse Sale is Integrity. You will not be misled and their word is good. We did buy a horse at that sale. We have traveled back every year since and purchased a few more good horses over the years. When you buy a horse at the DM sale, you know you're going home with a good one. Quality people. Quality horses.
– S&L and Horses | Multiple Sales

A good day in the show arena!

In 2012, my daughter, husband and I attended the Diamond-McNabb Ranch sale looking for a unicorn – a horse willing to carry flags on a drill team at a gallop with 50 other horses (possibly in the dark), learn to trick ride, roman ride and officially belong to mom (me).  Ken McNabb gave a clinic on how to handle a green horse with a rope, amazing ground skills, patience and humor. We came across Ken in the barn after the demonstration and described the special horse, unicorn really, we were looking for…and he led us straight to a lanky paint named Squanto (later renamed Ty). We spoke at length to Ty’s rider. We heard Ty’s stories – calves carried in snowstorms, how calm he was across ice, and met Ty in his stall. On sale day, he was listed early, he wasn’t the prettiest, but he was calm, responsive and then he was ours. For three years my daughter “borrowed” him for trick, roman riding and drill team. When she went to college in 2015, I got full custody and we started western dressage. In 2017, Vitaflex selected Ty for their Victory Pass Award for our outstanding test at Dressage in the Rockies Series on our way to Worlds. Sadly,I lost him later that year before we could compete at a national level. I carry Ty and the Diamond-McNabb experience with me always; in Ty’s honor I have a tattoo with his name inside the diamond brand. My Diamond-McNabb unicorn! - JK &“Squanto” | June 2012 Sale

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