About the Diamond Land & Livestock Quarter Horses Breeding Program

We aim to raise 15- 20 Quarter Horse foals each year to use for ourselves and to offer for sale. The focal points of our program are to raise a versatile, good-minded and well-rounded Quarter Horse of medium size, durable conformation and innate cow sense. We also want to draw from a pool of genetic variety to avoid both known and unknown disorders which can be caused by horses that are bred too closely. We're probably best summed-up in several words:

Performance bred.

We believe in the versatility of the Quarter Horse and his time-honored place on Western ranches, and we also know that many ranchers and showmen have proven their stock beyond what the neighbors think by entering them in rodeo and show competition and making a track record for themselves. We draw our breeding stock from performance bloodlines that have a background of success.

Pasture raised.

The majority of these foals are born out on pasture, so from day one they grow up on large Wyoming pastures in a herd setting. They learn to be horses, mind their feet and their manners, and are still familiar and friendly with people.

Well trained.

When we bring them back in to meet a halter and later a saddle, the youngsters have already been in sagebrush and rocks, hillsides and creek crossings. So we're ready to focus on polite responses and learning the training that will prepare them for a job in almost any vocation. We draw heavily on Ken McNabb's style in the handling and saddle training of each horse and are focused on preparing them to go on and be versatile, reliable, confident and capable.

Ranch experienced.

The measure of success in our program is whether we like to handle and be around our own homeraised horses, not what the hot color or bloodline is in the sale ring. If our colts and fillies have the minds and ability such that we enjoy riding them for daily work ourselves, then we'll be ready to offer them for sale to other horsemen.

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