Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year






With his gentle and unassuming nature, Jack is what we call a “good egg.” He just has a solid feeling about him that makes it easy to climb on his back and know he’s going to treat you straight! Jack is good at going along with whatever is asked of him and has been ridden family-style: bareback, double and for plenty of fun and games. He is good to catch, plus calm and attentive enough to let our little nieces be around him in the barn. Jack quickly mastered our obstacle course including tarps, curtains, a horse-sized tunnel, bridges and more. He isn’t bothered by much! Jack is easy to saddle right back up and hit the trail after time off and is just an honest, uncomplicated guy to have around. Don’t let him escape your notice just because he is here at the end of the sale! Give us a call about him at 307-298-5030 or email horses@wyodiamond.com. Ridden by the True girls.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1200 lbs