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Bay Roan



This handsome bay roan checks all the boxes of being “Cowboy Cool!" This willing-minded gelding does not have a mean bone in his body. There is no silly business in him, and he is always GENTLE! GENTLE! GENTLE! Let him be a handsome yard ornament for a few weeks in the pasture, saddle up and he is game! This gorgeous roan color is every rancher’s dream! Redman is a great horse and would make the Ranch Owner or Foreman a top mount! Redman has all the maneuvers and handle you could want on a horse. His Reined Cowhorse foundation allows for gorgeous turns and spins with ease off your legs or hands. His kindhearted and willing personality makes you feel confident in every job the ranch or trail may bring. Redman is true and honest making him easy to own and will not give you any surprises. He is a gentleman in every way and will even sidepass to help you open all the gates along the trail. This is a great horse that will fit a lot of people. He is the same Steady-Eddie wherever you take him! Redman stays cool, calm, and collected on all occasions and has exceptionally smooth departures and transitions. He has been ridden tons of outside miles and goes right where you point him. Redman has a great solid mind and sweet disposition. His soft kind eyes and gentle personality make him a barn favorite! Redman is super smooth and a great fit for any level of rider! He is the same solid and stylish gelding in the arena or out pleasure riding and is eager to be your partner on any ranch job. Redman’s disposition is what everyone dreams of! This “Cowboy Cool” gelding is a pleasure for everyone to love on and enjoy! For more information contact Kason Wolfe at 970-420-8353.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1100 lbs