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Birth Year



Roan Paint



Beaver is an eye-catching fella with a steady pace and solid way of riding. He is excellent with time off and has been saddle-up-and-go even after a month or two of vacation. I don’t think I’ve ever felt Beaver be in a hurry. His natural gaits are confidence-building and solid, yet he can rise to the occasion and cue “up” when asked. He’s a favorite to trail ride alone because he makes it easy to relax and let my mind wander. I’d give Beaver to nearly any level individual to ride with me and think he would be ideal for Trail Rider University! He is unbothered by numerous obstacles and goofing off, straightforward on trails and can put on a tiny slow jog that is easy to ride. I like this little guy and think he will make someone a very happy camper! Ridden by Hailey True. 307-298-5030 or horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 940 lbs