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Birth Year






When you show up at the pasture gate, Shasta comes over and sticks his head in the halter and the rest of the ride is as easy as that! Known for his level-headed personality, he is the perfect mix of handy and gentle that is enjoyable for many levels of riders. Shasta handles pressure with a cool head and has experience doing all the ranch chores. He stays broke with time off and is happy to ride alone. He does as he is asked without complaint and goes through life with a friendly, easy-going, content nature that makes him fun to be around! Shasta neck reins, transitions up or down, works off your legs and is easy to ride. His kind eye and sweet personality are simply endearing, and we think he will be a true treasure for anyone who is lucky enough to take him home. Ridden by Delaney Morgan. For more information call us at 307-298-5030 or email horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1180 lbs