Withdrawn From Sale

Little Blackie



Birth Year



Black Paint



One sock buy him, two socks try him, three socks be on the sly and four socks pass him by. That statement could not be any more true in this case. Little Blackie is such a special little horse that he could be enjoyed by most anyone. He is so kind and gentle and the friendliest and most eager to learn horse ever. We have done so much with this little feller, I don’t know where to start. Little Blackie absolutely loves to see you coming with a halter in hand. He loves riding and he is very good at it. He has been safe and solid in every aspect of ranch, trail and arena riding. If he has a flaw we haven't found it, and we look pretty hard. Check out in-depth videos of Little Blackie at Houck Horse Company Facebook Page and our YouTube. FMI contact Pete at 612-810-5455.

Height: 14 hands
Weight: 1000 lbs