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Bay Roan



Banjo is drop dead gorgeous and has that very cool rabicano coloring that changes with the seasons and is sure to catch your eye. He is a finished trail and ranch horse with a cutter style build and background but is athletic enough to excel at any discipline. Banjo has been used in all phases of ranch work. We have gathered, sorted, doctored, and roped our fair share of cattle with him. He is a trusty mount in the swamps of South Florida or the mountains of Wyoming. Banjo has a super soft mouth, a rocking chair lope, a big stop and is full of cow. He is broke enough to go to the arena and be started in sorting, barrels, heading or heeling. For more information, contact Booger Brown at bbperformancehorses@yahoo.com or 334-726-0998.

Height: 15hands
Weight: 1075 lbs