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Birth Year






When I need a horse for someone to ride that doesn’t have much experience, Dixie is the horse I put them on. She is very patient and kind. Last year I took her to Wyoming on a last minute elk hunting trip and she was amazing! We rode into some really gnarly country and ended up needing to back out of a couple trails that ended on the side of the mountain. Dixie handled it like a champ! She loads in a trailer without hesitation, stands tied, shoes great, hobbles anywhere and is a very content horse. If you want to move out at a faster speed, she willingly speeds up to the gait you want but she is also very content just walking along, so she is very relaxing to ride. Ridden by Tim & Kali Transtrom. For more information please call Tim Transtrom at 701-570-7734.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1150 lbs