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Birth Year






If you are looking for a stocky, eye-catching gelding with his whole life ahead of him, look at Swagger. He isn’t just brown; he has a bronze sheen to his coat with an ombre mane. He is big-boned and wears a size one shoe. He is respectful on the ground and wants to please in the saddle. Swagger is fun to ride because he has a great handle. He moves off light leg pressure and a soft neck rein and rides with a level headset. He comes from a polo ranch and has been used for everything from kids’ summer riding camps to steep mountain trails to pulling a snow sled. He is accepting of new situations and is ready for whatever adventure you want to take him on! He would prefer an intermediate rider because of his responsiveness. FMI call Carly at 303-668-3762 or email carly@balanceintraining.com. To see a slideshow of still photos, click here.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1100 lbs