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Named for the “bouncy, trouncy, fun-fun-fun” character from Winnie the Pooh, Tigger is a big presence in a cute little package. He has absolutely no hump, buck or ill-will and is always true to who he is, but he has a bottomless gas tank and a ready desire to use it so he needs a rider who will appreciate that about him! Tigger moves with a quick and purposeful stride and is the kind that never says die. He’s tackled any terrain without question and you’ll never hear him complain about the miles. He keeps his feet with ease, keeps his mind on the trail ahead and just isn’t distracted or spooked by things along the way. Tigger has been rock solid after a couple months off and cinches up with a saddle-and-go mentality. He is easy to be around in the barn, good to catch, load, bathe, groom, shoe, vaccinate and whatever else you need him to do. He has been trained through our obstacle courses without hesitation, pulled sleds and trailed baby calves through the snow and ponied other horses who can keep up with him! He also knows how to ride and perform to a higher level in the arena when asked. He is confident when riding out alone from the barn, and solid behind a set of cows. This little dynamo’s strength is in his consistency and confidence. He will be a fun mount for a knowledgeable rider who likes some fire and grit beneath the saddle leather, but doesn’t want to worry about getting bucked off. We’d be happy to tell you more about Tigger via email at horses@wyodiamond.com or phone at 307-298-5030!

Height: 14.2 hands

Weight: 940 lbs