Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year



Red Roan



Head to tail or withers to feet, Charlie is a handsome gelding no matter which way you look at him.  He has a gorgeous head, big kind eyes, flowing mane, red roan coat, and a beautiful tail that trails over two white socks for a splash of chrome. A calm, confident, laid back fella, Charlie probably won’t win any races, but he’ll be a dependable companion for anyone in the family. He is good on the trail and very patient with beginners. He’s at his best when babysitting kids and teaching them the ropes. Charlie has a smooth walk, trot and lope.  He rides off of gentle neck rein and leg pressure.  With his good ground manners, he’ll step over to a mounting block, stand quietly for the farrier, clip, bathe, and load with ease. If you’re searching for a steady mount, don’t overlook this guy. Ridden by BJ Grimmett. For more info: Ken McNabb 307-645-3149 or email info@kenmcnabb.com.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1150 lbs