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No stool required to get on Gage, he is the perfect sized little horse. He stands just 14 hands. He is a deep copper-color buckskin that literally shines like a waxed car. Gage is quiet-natured and has a very even temperament, he does not get rattled. In the arena Gage is soft, collected and works really well from your seat and legs. He is smooth and easy to ride. Gage side passes, pivots and stops on his hind end. Gage has nice transitions and stays collected. Outside the arena the kids have had a million miles worth of fun on him, they ride him everywhere. He does not refuse anything. We have had him up mountainsides, in lakes and belly deep in snow drifts, he doesn't care. He hauls, shoes, and stands tied like a gentleman. He is a very fun little horse. Houck Horse Company, LLC: 612-810-5455.

Height: 14 hands
Weight: 950 lbs