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Cowhand is a nice homeraised horse that has been ridden by the whole family. He has proven himself with all types of riders and all types of situations on the ranch from 4:00 AM ranch mornings to Sunday trail rides.  He’s wrangled horses, gathered cows, navigated tough trails and worked gates with a reliable, steady nature that is nice to ride. Cowhand is great with obstacles, and has had no concerns about a tarps, bridges, creeks, riding bareback or dragging the log. I’ve ridden him bridleless many times and he has been as gentle and willing without a bit as he is with one in his mouth. He is willing to ride at any pace; slow and steady, or pick it up to a long trot or lope. Cowhand has no hesitation about riding out alone or branching off from a group. He neck reins, works off your legs, and will stop off your seat. He’ll pick you up from the mounting block and wait patiently for you to get a gate or tie your coat on back of your saddle. Our family has loved this sweetheart of a horse and we are confident that his next family will love him too. Ridden by Hadleigh True. For more information call us at 307-298-5030 or email horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 15.1 hands
Weight: 1265 lbs