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Birth Year



Red Roan



Try as I might, I haven’t found anything that makes Rustic spook. He is calm in new places, quiet to be around, and friendly on the ground. He is laid-back and rides low-headed. He will stand tied stock-still all day. He is confident enough he doesn’t mind falling behind on trail rides. He has been the same horse while competing in a gymkhana, packing camp gear and elk in the mountains, showing off in a parade, and swimming in a lake. Rustic has the training to be a fun ride, but at the same time is user-friendly and has been ridden by kids and adults. You can’t train the personality into a horse, and Rustic has the dependable temperament you can’t afford to pass up. If you have been looking for a versatile, reliable mount, he’s the one for you! FMI call Carly at 303-668-3762or email carly@balanceintraining.com.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1050 lbs