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Talk about a sweetheart! Montana is one-of-a-kind mare that will give her whole heart and nothing less no matter the job you’re doing! I’ve roped cows that were as big as she is and you would’ve thought that I hooked them to a bulldozer the way she shut them down! She has a big country-covering trot that is as smooth as silk on a fancy dress. She will keep up to the bigger horses with no problem. Montana is surefooted and careful where she puts her feet. I have crossed ice patches, downed timber, big rivers with never a wavering step! She has done her every day ranch chores like she’s been doing them a hundred years. She’s quick on her feet and a dream to sort on! She is always ready for a new adventure, although I doubt there’s nothing new you can show her. She’s got the size that is easy to get on, but the power and stamina to do everything the big horses do. Easy to load, good to shoe- just a dream of a mare! Ridden by Kurt McNabb. For more info: Ken McNabb 307-645-3149 or email mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com.

Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 1175 lbs