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If you ordered an adorable golden palomino with a “fun-sized” stature and sweet-but-gritty personality, you would get Chaco! We sure enjoy this little horse. Solid as can be, he saddles up honest with time off and is one of my favorite horses to ride bareback through the obstacle course. He has a nice jog and comfortable lope for it, too! Chaco is super surefooted and I never worry about him stumbling even at a full gallop. I learned to rope and tag calves on him and he handled an accidental rope under his tail with his head screwed on straight. He is very gentle yet rides with a touch of harmless gusto that makes him fun for a variety of riders! Chaco is broke, solid, cute as can be and fun to ride. He’ll be an enjoyable horse for many lifestyles! Ridden by Ingrid Burkholder. FMI horses@wyodiamond.com or 307-298-5030.

Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 1025 lbs