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Teddy is an awesome ranch horse from dragging calves to the fire, or sorting cattle, with a lot of cow sense! He is gentle and has the sweetest disposition. You can sort, breakaway or team rope on him. Teddy has been used in high school rodeos and he’s good on the road. Teddy is an excellent trail horse that the whole family would enjoy. He is surefooted up and down the worst terrain, crosses water and bridges. He is a pretty mover, lopes around well, side passes and is soft in the bridle with an excellent stop. He is good to bathe, clip, farrier work, and is patient at the hitching rail. He will load and back out of the trailer and is the same horse every time you ride him no matter how long he has had off. For more information contact Darold Newman at 307-272-2759.

Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 1100 lbs