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Birth Year



Dark Buckskin



Smokey is the definition of “Steady- Eddie.” He is a perfect gentleman and will stay wherever you leave him. Smokey is very respectful on the ground and loves to please. His smooth and effortless gait makes a day’s job enjoyable. Doctor cattle, rope a steer, check fence lines, carry the dog; Smokey is our go to! Turn him out or can’t ride for a month? Smokey will be the same as the day you left. He knows how to work a rope and steps up to any task. His perfect size and excellent conformation are built to last. He is surefooted and confident in all types of terrain. Smokey is the kind that every ranch hand wants to ride. Logan Wolfe, 970-420-1536 or wolfecowhorses@gmail.com.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1100 lbs