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Blue Roan



Ruben is by far one of the funniest horses on the ranch. This fancy looking little gelding stands 14 hands and is absolutely flawless in conformation and in character. He is gentle, kind and has a heartwarming, get-along type demeanor. Ruben is well-trained both in and out of the arena. He is soft, supple and collected, Ruben neck reins and works responsibly off your seat and legs without overreaction. Ruben picks up both leads with ease, he is very smooth in his transitions. He naturally carries his head level with his withers. Ruben is definitely a favorite when we have outside riding to do. My 13-yr-old daughter ropes out in the pasture and works cows with him. Take him through, over, under or anything in between, Ruben never refuses. Obstacles are not an obstacle for Ruben. Open and close gates, load, haul and shoe with no issues. Houck Horse Company, LLC:  612-810-5455.

Height: 14 hands
Weight: 1000 lbs