Withdrawn From Sale

2 Hearts



Birth Year






Talk about the best of the best. I've rode a lot of good horses in my time; not very many can compare to this little bay. Short he maybe, but he's all heart! He will give you his very best from dawn to dark. I've spent weeks running cattle down through the brush on him, then turned around and gave him to a naive rider and he never batted an eye, just one step at a time careful to never stumble or get anxious when everyone tore off and left him. I can say I would without a doubt put absolutely anyone on him to do anything. I can go rope or get right down and cut a cow and then go swim a river, run horses and get off and let a little kid go for a ride on him. I've branded on 2 Hearts, taken him to town and used him behind the scenes filming TV shows. He's definitely been up the river and over the mountain! There is nothing new you can show him. Young he may be, but you won't find one better anywhere, I promise! Ridden by Kurt McNabb. For more info: Ken McNabb, 307-645-3149 or email mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com.

Height: 14.2 hands
Weight: 1140 lbs