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This is what our program is all about! Casino is a homeraised gelding that we call“second generation” since we raised him and both of his parents as well. Honestly, out of all the great things he has going for him, Casino’s best trait is his disposition. He is a kind and gentle individual, easy-going without being lazy, and possesses a level of patience and willingness beyond his years. He is one of the friendliest horses we have ever owned and consistently meets you at the gate to stick his nose in the halter or just get a pat on the neck. Casino has been borrowed by numerous guests and friends this summer and each one has commented that “he makes me feel at home.” This guy has had many outside miles in his young life and handles himself well on all sorts of trails and adventures. He has grown up on Wyoming pastures so hasn’t thought twice about crossing water, scrambling up rock piles and crossing whatever else we’ve asked him to navigate. He has a calm and quiet demeanor and is not easily ruffled! Casino has spent many a day gathering and moving cows or running horses off of pasture. He is capable of stepping up to a task, but also perfectly happy to go out for a pleasure ride. He stays gentle minded with time off and always wants to get along. He rides with a good mouth, smooth off of your seat and legs, with good transitions and a solid stop. Casino is still young but truly has all the makings of a once-in-a-lifetime family horse. He is a heart-catcher AND an eye-catcher. We would be happy to tell you more about him via email at horses@wyodiamond.com or 307-298-5030!

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 1215 lbs