Withdrawn From Sale

Rex O'Houlihan



Birth Year






With a personality as large as he is, Rex greets you forehead first asking for scratches. It's easy to enjoy his laidback demeanor and the way he saddles up the same every day. He travels with with ears perked, smooth gaits, and surefootedness, ready to take on any task on the ranch. From gathering steep rocky country, dragging calves to the fire or holding a soggy calf to brand, Rex is your guy! He can read cattle like a book. When finding a runaway stray in the trees just pull your rope and he’ll put you where you need to be. He's also a sure mount sorting in the weaning pen. Rex is a top pick no matter what the job and always takes new things in stride. He's an enjoyable mount In the arena as well, with control and feel on all four corners. He adjust to his rider's level ready to do what is asked. With perked ears he stands square and steady in the head box. When the chute opens he will run one down with ears pinned on a loose rein. With his size, athletic ability, and smarts there’s not a thing you can’t accomplish on Rex, even if it’s just a relaxing trail ride! Ridden by Heather Dufek. 307-298-5030 or horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 15.3 hands
Weight: 1300 lbs