Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year



Bay Roan



If it’s true that slow and steady wins the race, then Beau is the all-time champ! Ask him to cross a creek, push a cow, or open and close a gate, and he’s going to do it in a calm and steady manner. He doesn’t mind riding out alone, in a group, bareback, or double. I’ve taken this guy to town and he never batted an eye at traffic. Flags, tarps and obstacles just don’t bother him. Beau has a handy neck rein and cute little jog that make for a calm, enjoyable ride no matter where you take him. He is stout as can be for 14.2 hands and will stand politely for you to get on wherever you need. Handsome, respectful, laidback and kind, Beau is the picture of a true gentleman. Ridden by Anna Frieden. FMI horses@wyodiamond.com or 307-298-5030.

Height: 14.2 hands
Weight: 1260 lbs