Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year






What a peach! The gentle, honest and easygoing personality you see when you first walk up to Nemo is who he is through and through. Nemo is fun to ride inside and out. He is surefooted, willing to go wherever he is pointed and good to ride alone or in a group. He is solid behind a set of cows, comfortable in the front, back or middle of a trail ride, and the same horse with time off that he is with regular riding! Nemo has taken guests on trail rides and stays gentle with a variety of riders. He enjoys attention, is unbothered by our obstacles, and keeps his agreeable personality in rain or shine. He has everything he needs to be someone’s favorite horse for years to come, and we will miss having him! Ridden by the True girls. FMI horses@wyodiamond.com or 307-298-5030.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1200 lbs