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Birth Year



Bay Roan



Cadillac is one smooth-riding son of a gun and just like his namesake, he is a luxury ride for the whole family! Cadillac is such a joy to be around, from the moment you look at him, until the last moment that you turn him loose. His only goals are to please you and to make you happy. While he has been my go-to horse for the last year, everyone in my family has used him for every job on the ranch. From sorting cows and calves to roping and doctoring, no matter what the job you will have fun. Best yet, you can finish the day with the grandkids riding him around the ranch. I have trail ridden Cadillac on rides all over Wyoming and I had Ken haul him to Arizona for me this past winter, where I had a ball riding him with the 3-week clinic group. He is a perfect gentleman with clippers, the vet, farrier and will load and back out with ease. Ridden by DeeDee McNabb. For more info: Ken McNabb, 307-645-3149 or mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com.  

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1230 lbs