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Absolutely safe and trusted, Hazel is the definition of an all-around family style horse. Moving cattle, riding spiffy in the arena or teaching a beginner how to ride, Hazel has done it all with flying colors! This pretty, gentle mare is the same every day. She is great with time off and rides off alone without a fuss. She is super solid with obstacles and rides double, bareback or bridleless. Hazel has a good turn and neck rein, gives easy lope departures and will do flying lead changes. She carries herself level and stops and backs up off of your seat. She has taken good care of beginner and intermediate ropers in the branding pen and isn't bothered by traffic or other sights and sounds of town! One of the best things about Hazel is that she scales to the needs of her rider. Whether you ask for her full abilities or hop on in a halter for a weekend ride, she will be there for you every time. Ridden by Hadleigh True. For more information call 307-298-5030 or email horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1305 lbs