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Birth Year



Bay Paint



You won’t find a better all-around horse! From roping, sorting to trail riding or anything else you can think of, Warrior is a been there done that kind of horse. There is not much you can show him that he hasn’t already seen! I’ve crossed mountains and swam rivers on this horse. I have used him day working across the country and as a hand halter breaking colts. I had him with me working in New Mexico and used him extensively working behind the scenes filming the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown TV show. If you want to wrangle horses, rope cows or just take a Sunday stroll and look good doing it, Warrior is one you don’t want to miss! Ridden by Kurt McNabb. For more info call Ken McNabb at 307-645-3149 or email info@kenmcnabb.com.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1145 lbs