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Birth Year



Blue Roan



Blue is always there when you need him! When you can’t decide who to catch for the day and all your horses are tired, you will always choose Blue, because he will keep you out of a wreck and no matter how hard you’ve ridden him, he will keep you traveling. Blue has been my #1 for the past year- I’ve branded hundreds of calves on him, tagged, roped & doctored cows and he is as handy as a good shirt pocket. I’ve used him lion hunting in rough terrain, as well as just riding down the trail. He’s got a big, easy-moving, country-covering walk. When you want one that strides out and covers the country, he’s the horse for you! Ridden by Trent McNabb. For more info: Ken McNabb 307-645-3149 or email mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com.

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1205 lbs