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Goldrush is a sturdy-built gelding with bright palomino coloring and a sturdy personality. Goldrush has put in many, many miles of trail riding and gathering cows on pasture. He is familiar with steep country, water crossings, brush hills and rocky terrain and keeps his feet with ease. He is medium paced on the trail; neither fast nor slow, and is willing to go at whatever pace we ask. We have ridden him with saddlebags and jackets, trained him through our obstacle courses and not hesitated to take him for any task at hand! Goldrush took to a pack saddle and gear without a fuss, and has more than once taken us swimming bareback in the pond. He has been saddle-up-and-go after time off, with no need for fancy warmups or detailed refreshers. He rides in the arena with all of the foundation we expect in our horses including a smooth and responsive mouth and body, taking both leads with ease and riding up or down as asked. He is gentle with absolutely no hump or buck, but will sometimes test your buttons so does best with an active and knowledgeable rider. This yella fella has a lot of good things to offer and we’d be happy to tell you more about him via email at horses@wyodiamond.com or phone at 307-298-5030!

Height: 15.2 hands

Weight: 1050 lbs