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Rocky is big, gentle and handsome. If you are looking for a big horse that can carry anyone, Rocky is your horse. He stands 15.2 hands and has good muscle. Everyone from big to small loves riding Rocky. He is as gentle as they come. He is smooth and easy to sit, I'd call him the Rolls Royce of trail horses. Rocky has lots of training in and out of the arena. He works well off your seat and legs, Rocky sidepasses, collects and yields to every body cue given. He is so much fun to ride. Rocky is an old pro out on the trails, he has not a care in the world. He goes through any type of terrain and is surefooted. We have not found an obstacle that he won't pass. He is one laid-back dude. Rocky loads, shoes and stands tied to a hitching rail all day. Houck Horse Company, LLC: 612-810-5455

Height: 15.2 hands
Weight: 1250 lbs