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Birth Year






My “Mr. Been there Done that,” Every time you swing a leg over Salty he’s ready to offer his full arsenal of ability and knowledge. He’s carried us with his crave-worthy jog through the gumbos of Montana to the rocks and canyons of Arizona. With all the cow sense one has to offer he is always a sure mount to sort, brand, rope strays or gather big country on. With easy control and feel on all four corners, he’s proven to be an enjoyable mount in the arena as well. He’s got a “get up and go” motor in the roping pen on either end and is a definite pick to take to town to compete in ranch rodeos. Salty has been a sure mount no matter what’s been asked of him and travels into every task as if it’s second nature. Ridden by Heather Dufek. 307-298-5030 or horses@wyodiamond.com.

Height: 15.1 hands
Weight: 1200 lbs