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Birth Year



Sorrel Paint



I started Chicken as a 2 year old and I count him as one of the top five 5 colts I ever started. Chicken has spent the rest of his life as both a working ranch horse and a guest horse on the TX ranch in the Pryor mountains between Wyoming and Montana. Chicken is absolutely gentle and rated E for everyone. Chicken did not earn his name, he was born with it. There has been a Chicken or Little Chicken on the TX ranch for nearly the last fifty years. Each has been an exceptional horse with nearly these exact same paint markings. And Chicken has lived up to his name. If you are looking for a horse for a beginner or a timid rider or somebody who just wants to ride a really quiet one in the evenings, Chicken is that horse. If you are looking for a show horse or a reiner, that is not Chicken. I have an incredible amount of respect for Chicken and would love to see him in a home where he will continue to build peoples’ confidence. He stands out in my mind as one of the really special ones. For more info call 307-645-3149 or email info@kenmcnabb.com.

Height: 14.3 hands

Weight: 1050 lbs