Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year






Dark, dependable and handsome, Whiskey is hard to resist. He often comes over to meet you in the pen and seems to look forward to the ride as much as you do. He has been super solid after time off, and even on cold frosty mornings he’s one we trust to cinch up and ride away like any other day on the job. Whiskey has good handle with a clean neck rein and smooth cues. He’s a total pro on the trail, willing to cross whatever we’ve asked of him, and knows how to handle himself in rough country. Whiskey has put in many hours gathering and trailing cattle and knows how to read a cow to help you get your job done. If you need a motor he readily gives everything he’s got, then comes back to a walk to continue taking care of business. He is best suited to an intermediate-type rider with his handle and willingness to work, and is fun to ride inside and out! We’ve hopped on him bareback in a halter to move pens or load cows in the trailer, taken him swimming in the pond and shown him trails and ranch pastures from Montana to Arizona. Through it all, Whiskey’s earned his keep and proven himself one of my favorites! Ridden by Heather Dufek. Feel free to email horses@wyodiamond.com or call 307-298-5930 for more information!

Height: 15 hands

Weight: 1100 lbs