Withdrawn From Sale

Little T



Birth Year






Self-proclaimed as the smallest quarter horse in the world yet he is worth his weight in gold. He has been irreplaceable in our horse and ranch program. Both my kids ride Little T relentlessly in every day-to-day aspect of life. They rope on him, ranch on him, trail ride and anything else you can imagine two cow kids doing. We have used Little T in our lesson program for various riders. Little T will ride side by side with everyone else outside on the ranch and trail. The kids catch him, saddle him, load him on the trailer and do everything. Mom and Dad do nothing but watch with a big grin. To find out everything the kids have done with Little T you'd have to ask the kids, however they probably won't tell all for the fear of getting in trouble. FMI Pete Houck at 612-810-5455.

Height: 11.1 hands
Weight: 700 lbs