Withdrawn From Sale




Birth Year






Solid and honest, Cowpoke is what we call “the right kind.” We find him to take new things in stride, be straightforward and practical, and want to get along! We have ridden him in town and trusted him around traffic, barking dogs and rumbling trains without a fuss. He has done well in our obstacle courses, and modeled for photo shoots riding alone and standing still for extended amounts of time as well as at speed. Cowpoke is good with time off and dependable to saddle up for a trail ride or a long day on the ranch. He watches his feet, does well in rough terrain, and takes care of business without complaining. On the ranch, Cowpoke is familiar with cattle and working in all weather. We know we can saddle him, step on and go no matter the task or elements. This fella is gentle without being lazy, and should fit a wide variety of riders and lifestyles! In the arena he knows how to respond to the bit, ride off of seat and leg, take both leads, and rate up and down to make a variety of riders comfortable and happy. This is just a solid citizen with experience and a good-natured personality to apply in many directions. We hope you’ll like him as much as we have and would be happy to tell you more about him via email at horses@wyodiamond.com or 307-298-5030!

Height: 15.1 hands
Weight: 1225 lbs