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Look up the definition of pretty and you will find Cinch’s name. This guy has class to spare. He is as much fun to ride as he is to look at. We have put Cinch in all kinds of situations and he is always the same. If you love competitive trail class or just want a smaller ranch horse who has been there and done that then it’s Cinch, he’s your guy! We have used Cinch all over the ranch and he has never failed us; from tagging calves to working and sorting pairs or dragging calves to the fire he has done it all. For fun we do trail obstacles and try to stump him, but going where he is pointed is his calling in life. Cinch has a flat, fast walk that will keep the big horses huffing to keep up. With his ground covering gaits he is a real pleasure to ride on a long day. He has a great one-handed neck rein and moves easily off of your seat and legs. Cinch stands great for the farrier, loads, clips and bathes like my little pony. He is up-to-date on all vaccinations and deworming. Ridden by Trent McNabb. For more info: Ken McNabb 307-645-3149 or info@kenmcnabb.com.

Height: 14.1 hands
Weight: 1050 lbs