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River possesses all of the traits that I look for in a horse. He will meet you at the gate every day with a willing attitude and an open heart. River is one of the smartest horses that I have ever been privileged to ride. He has conformation to spare and is as pretty as you can make one. I would tell you he is as dependable as old yeller and just as kind. I have had River in the ground bees back east and had him stung several times and he never caused me one second of worry. I have wrangled horses, roped sick cattle and used him in the branding pen. I have let friends, family and guests use him and everybody who rides River loves him! There are not enough great words in the dictionary to describe how great River truly is. I know you will love him as much as I do. Ridden by Ken McNabb. For more info: 307-645-3149 or email mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com.

Height: 15 hands
Weight: 1125 lbs