Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

A Few Words From Our Buyers

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Hello Diamond McNabb,
Thank you so much for putting on such a well organized event full of AMAZING trail riding companions / ranch horses!!

My husband, Jamie, our friend, Margaret, & I visited your sale last year. I began studying all of the horses to be offered in March. I can't say enough good things about your staff, trainers, consignors, etc. They went above & beyond to answer all of my questions, & there were LOTS!! I spoke with Hannah, Monica, Tracy, Carly, & many more on numerous occasions. They were all instrumental in helping me make decisions.

We arrived in Wyoming (from Alabama), with our spreadsheet of our top picks in hand. We attended the Friday preview and it was awesome!  I am a little embarrassed to say that the horse I ended up choosing wasn't even on my list!!  I thought my criteria was going to be a horse that was no bigger than 15 hands, was AQHA, and 10 years old. But I was open to expand my list...

During Friday's preview I noticed a beautiful horse with a young lady riding and she couldn't have been more than 80 pounds soaking wet!  I waited until she was finished speaking with a couple about her horse. 13 year old Kylie did a little demo of jog, canter, trot transitions, a stop, side pass over a pole, trot over cavalettis, go over the bridge... She and her horse were fabulous!

It was a pleasure meeting Kylie and Joey, hip # 27. This guy had just moved to the top of my list and 24 hours later would steal my heart!! Joey is 15.3, APHA, & a brilliant 15 year old! I woke up Saturday morning and told my husband I had dreamed about Joey last night. He said "Well let's go get Joey".  So we did!!  The process was so easy, and a blast too! It was our first sale experience.

Our discipline is trail riding. We compete in an organization called ACTHA. American Competitive Trail Horse Association.  We are in the Pleasure Division and this week are ranked number 1 in the country!!! We are so excited!!  The season ends May 31. We are actually heading to South Carolina to compete as I write this.

My friend Margaret bought Skittles (Hip # 75). He goes by the name Playboy these days. She is equally as thrilled with her Diamond McNabb ranch horse purchase!! We get compliments on our boys all the time!!  When people hear where they came from the immediate response is "Wow, you got a great horse!"  Yes we did!!

Thank you Diamond McNabb for the great memories and all the ones still to come!!!

Very truly yours,

Owner of 2014 Sale Horse, "Joey"