Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Diamond-McNabb horse sale will now be held online.

The sale date will remain the same, June 6th, 2020, and will be hosted online in its entirety by DVAuction. We will maintain our traditional auction format with real-time bidding facilitated by professional auctioneer Ty Thompson, and Ken McNabb providing commentary as each horse is sold. Horses will sell one at a time in hip number order and will be represented by photo and video as they sell. Interested parties will be able to watch and bid through DVAuction, and live phone bidding will also be available (as in all previous years). Pre-registration is needed to participate by website or phone bidding.

We will genuinely miss seeing you all in person but we also want to respect everyone’s safety while bringing this good set of horses through our 12th annual Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our sale!

To view this information in printable PDF format, please click here 2020 Online Sale Information


· Due to COVID-19, there will be no in-person or public events associated with the 2020 Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. Instead, the sale will be facilitated entirely online through long-time sale hosts, DVAuction.

· DVAuction’s services will provide real-time coverage of the sale by livestreaming the auctioneer and commentators as the bidding is called. The sale will be free to watch and simply requires creating a free viewing account with DVAuction (see FAQ below).

· Sale ring activities will not be held in-person this year. Rather, horses will be represented on DV Auction by pre-recorded video, available to view as the bidding on that horse is called. Full videos, photographs and descriptions of the horses can be found on our website and Diamond-McNabb’s YouTube Channel.

· The Saturday morning horse preview will not be held in person. An online preview will be streamed on the internet through The online preview will begin at 9 AM Mountain Time on Saturday, June 6th. Live commentary will be streamed as the horses are shown through pre-recorded video. The event will be free to view through your (free) DVAuction account.

· All in-person events for Friday, June 5th are canceled and there are currently no virtual events scheduled. We will make an announcement if it becomes possible to host a Friday night event online.

· Cowboy church with the Diamond-McNabb crew will be livestreamed online on Sunday, June 7th beginning at 9 AM Mountain Time. Details on how to join will be announced as available.



· Diamond-McNabb is excited to offer these quality horses! As always, we would love to talk with you prior to the sale by phone (307-645-3149) or by email ( to hear what you are looking for and help you find the right horses.

· The sale will be held on June 6th, 2020. Sale preliminaries will begin streaming at 12:45, and the auction will begin at 1:00 Mountain Time

· As always, we will use a live-auction format with professional auctioneer Ty Thompson calling bids. You will be able to bid by phone or internet, as described in the FAQ section below.

· Horses will sell one at a time in hip number order, as seen in the catalog and on our website.

· As always, our 30-day Good-Fit Guarantee applies to every horse over the age of 3 years old (see terms and conditions, section 5 for full description).

(All times listed in Mountain Daylight Time)

Friday, June 5
NEW!! 6:00 PM Livestreamed Preview of the Sale Horses Click here for info!
Be sure your DVAuction account is approved for bidding, and/or your phone bidding registration is set up!
Saturday, June 6
(All events streamed via
9:00 AM – Online Sale Horse Preview
12:45 PM – Sale Preliminaries Begin
1:00 PM – Auction Begins
7:00 PM – Diamond-McNabb Offices Close
Sunday, June 7
8:00 AM – Barn opens for paid horses to leave
9:00 AM – Cowboy church service livestream



· How Does DVAuction Work? DVAuction is a professional auction service that has been hosting real-time broadcasting of sales and special events for 21 years. They have hosted Diamond-McNabb’s online bidding for over 10 years. This year we will entrust our entire sale to their online hosting services. DVAuction will livestream the auctioneer and Ken throughout the sale, and horses will be represented on their bidding site via a short, pre-recorded video.

To what time zone does the sale schedule adhere? All online sale events are scheduled according to Mountain Daylight Time. Please take any time zone differences into account when making your viewing or bidding plans!
Do I need to do anything ahead of time if I just want to watch? Yes. Even if you only plan to watch online (not bid), you will need to set up a free account at If you plan to bid online, go ahead and set up your banking information as you create your account.
Do I have to pay to watch online? Viewing the sale online is free. You simply need to create a free account with DVAuction to gain access to the livestream.
How do I bid through DVAuction?
1) Make sure that you are approved to bid through your free DVAuction account. This can be done as you set up a new account or can be applied to an existing account. If you wish to approve an existing account, login and click “apply for bidding” at the upper left hand corner of the DVAuction page.
*Your banking information must be approved by DVAuction staff prior to approving your account for bidding, so PLEASE COMPLETE THIS PROCESS BEFORE SALE DAY

2) Watch the bidding tutorials provided on the DVAuction website. These videos offer a thorough explanation (and visuals) of what to expect on sale day. We highly recommend watching them!
Does bidding through DVAuction incur any additional costs or hidden fees?
No, bidding online does not generate any additional costs for bidders or buyers. The DVAuction services are completely free to viewers, bidders and buyers alike.
How will I pay if I win a horse through online bidding? All payments will be processed through the Diamond-McNabb accounting office. Contact information for the accounting office will be provided at the time of the sale. Note that the DVAuction system requires you to enter banking information in order to be approved to bid, even though payment is processed through Diamond-McNabb.
Do I need to download an app or install special software to use DV Auction? DVAuction is hosted entirely online, so you should not need to download any specialized app or software. However, you will need high speed internet in order to watch or bid on sale day.
Are there other bidding options if I’m not comfortable using the online format? Yes, Diamond-McNabb will provide phone bidding in addition to online bidding. See below.

· How Does Phone Bidding Work? Phone bidding is accommodated through a live conference call, hosted by a representative who will keep you informed of the sale ring bidding and represent your phone bids as the horses sell through the auction.

· What Do I Need to Do to Phone Bid? If you plan to bid via telephone, you will need to pre-register with us anytime before the end of the day on Friday, June 5th by calling us at 307-233-3900 or emailing accounting(at)wyodiamond(dot)com. You will be asked for your contact information and mailing address, then provided with complete yet simple instructions for sale day. Please remember that all sale events are scheduled according to Mountain Daylight Time!

· What Do I Need to Know About Payment? As always, Diamond-McNabb will accept U.S. currency via business, personal or cashier’s checks, cash, and some major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Please note that credit card payments incur a 2% surcharge. Wire transfers can be arranged through our accounting office.

· What Do I Need to Do About Horse Transportation?

All horses will remain at the Powderhorn ranch near Douglas, WY until payment clears and transportation is arranged. Cash, check and credit card payments will be accepted at the ranch on Sunday, June 7th. Pickup for paid horses will be available starting Sunday morning, June 7th, at 8:00 AM Mountain Time.
To facilitate extra time for you to arrange hauling this year, Diamond-McNabb will be offering free boarding until the end of the day on June 20th, 2020, after which time our normal daily boarding fee will be incurred. Please note that full ownership and liability for the horse passes to the buyer as soon as the gavel knocks.
Diamond-McNabb is not directly affiliated with haulers but we will do our best to help you make connections to get your horses transported. The best way for us to do this is to use the 2020 Transportation Exchange page on our website, where we post contact information for anyone who is looking for a ride or willing to haul.
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