Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 76, Earl

2014 Black Tobiano Gelding


If I could only use three words to describe Earl, they would be gentle, loving and kind. Earl is one of the safest horses I have ever known. You can turn Earl loose for a month at a time and never worry when you go back to riding him. He has been trail ridden all over the Bighorn Mountains. He has been used as a pack horse and did very well. We have roped a ton of calves at brandings as well as doctoring sick cows in the pasture. I would feel absolutely comfortable putting any level of rider on Earl from kids to grandparents, and taking them for a ride anywhere that you can take a horse. He is that good and that gentle. Ridden by Cody Gleason. For more info: 307-645-3149.

Height: 14.3 hands
Weight: 1175 lbs