Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horses

Hip 1, Dudley OUT

2014 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 2, Maximus

2009 Gray Gelding

Hip 3, Bugs

2011 Sorrel Spotted Gelding

Hip 4, Captain

2014 Palomino Gelding

Hip 5, Sergeant

2014 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 6, Buster

2013 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 7, Weston

2009 Palomino Gelding

Hip 8, Carlos

2013 Bay Gelding

Hip 9, Quill

2012 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 10, Little Bucky

2014 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 11, Spirit

2014 Dun Gelding

Hip 12, Hollywood

2014 Bay Gelding


Hip 19, Cowboy

2013 Bay Roan Gelding

Hip 20, Deets

2015 Bay Gelding

Hip 21, Cherry Bomb

2016 Red Roan Gelding

Hip 22, Squirt

2014 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 23, Buttermilk

2012 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 24, Diego OUT

2014 Bay Gelding

Hip 25, Honey- OUT

2018 Red Dun Filly

Hip 26, Hollywood

2014 Palomino Gelding

Hip 27, Luna

2012 Dun Mare

Hip 28, Skipper

2008 Palomino Gelding

Hip 29, Boots

2012 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 30, Chili

2008 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 31, Crockett

2010 Blue Roan Gelding

Hip 32, Ivy

2014 Bay Mare

Hip 33, Twister

2012 Red Dun Gelding


Hip 34, Monte

2015 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 35, Blondie

2013 Red Roan Gelding

Hip 36, Jive

2015 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 37, Waco

2013 Red Dun Gelding

Hip 38, Russell

2011 Gray Gelding

Hip 39, Fuzzy

2014 Blue Roan Gelding

Hip 40, Cimmeron

2010 Red Dun Gelding

Hip 41, Texas

2014 Gray Mare

Hip 42, Mister

2013 Red Dun Gelding

Hip 43, WindyBill OUT

2010 Brown Gelding

Hip 44, Sugar

2012 Blue Roan Gelding

Hip 45, Calypso

2019 Bay Stallion

Hip 49, Valor

2014 Gray Gelding

Hip 50, Doc OUT

2018 Bay Gelding

Hip 51, Snippy

2016 Dun Gelding

Hip 52, Mila

2014 Bay Mare

Hip 53, Tank

2014 Blue Roan Gelding

Hip 54, Larry

2011 Red Roan Gelding

Hip 46, May

2013 Sorrel Mare

Hip 47, Slim

2016 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 48, Justin Boots

2014 Black Tobiano Gelding

Hip 55, Lexie OUT

2018 Bay Mare

Hip 56, Bob

2015 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 57, Milo

2009 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 58, Roscoe

2013 Gray Gelding

Hip 59, Bulletproof

2008 Black Leopard Gelding

Hip 60, Boots OUT

2015 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 61, Gauge

2013 Black Gelding

Hip 62, Samba

2014 Sorrel Mare

Hip 63, Banjo OUT

2018 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 64, Ca$h

2012 Bay Roan Gelding

Hip 65, Hershey

2013 Brown Gelding

Hip 66, Jed

2011 Bay Gelding

Hip 67, Bilbo

2007 Black Gelding

Hip 68, Chip

2012 Palomino Gelding

Hip 69, Monster OUT

2015 Bay Gelding

Hip 70, Katniss

2015 Buckskin Mare

Hip 71, Rocky

2006 Palomino Gelding

Hip 72, Chrome

2016 Palomino Gelding

Hip 73, Dually

2008 Sorrel Gelding

Hip 74, Henry

2014 Bay Gelding

Hip 75, Maggie

2016 Sorrel Mare


Hip 82, Duke

2003 Red Dun Overo Gelding

Hip 83, Lady

2019 Sorrel Filly

Hip 85, Bandit

2016 Dun Gelding

Hip 86, Bullseye

2013 Bay Tobiano Gelding

Hip 87, Apollo

2014 Palomino Gelding

Hip 88, Revere OUT

2008 Sorrel Gelding

Our sincere thanks to Weaver Leather for their generous and ongoing support of the Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale!

Hip 84, Oakley OUT

2018 Gray Filly

2020 PDF Catalog

Hip 76, Earl

2014 Black Tobiano Gelding

Hip 77, Smokey

2015 Buckskin Gelding

Hip 78, Strawberry

2012 Red Roan Gelding

Hip 79, Bubbles

2011 Dirty Buckskin Gelding

Hip 80, Sundance

2013 Palomino Gelding

Hip 81, Nevada OUT

2009 Bay Gelding

Hip 13, Stryder

2007 Palomino Gelding

Hip 14, Tuffy

2015 Palomino Gelding

Hip 15, Smartie

2018 Bay Stallion

Hip 16, Quigley

2012 Red Dun Gelding

Hip 17, Domino

2013 Black Tobiano Gelding

Hip 18, Rawhide

2015 Buckskin Gelding

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Diamond-McNabb horse sale will now be held online.

The sale date will remain the same, June 6th, 2020, and will be hosted online in its entirety by DVAuction. We will maintain our traditional auction format with real-time bidding facilitated by professional auctioneer Ty Thompson, and Ken McNabb providing commentary as each horse is sold. Horses will sell one at a time in hip number order and will be represented by photo and video as they sell. Interested parties will be able to watch and bid through DVAuction, and live phone bidding will also be available (as in all previous years). Simple pre-registration is needed to participate by website or phone bidding.

We will genuinely miss seeing you all in person, but we also want to respect everyone’s safety while bringing you this good set of horses through our 12th annual Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale. Click here to read more detailed information about the online sale. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our sale!

We will be offering 88 head of quality horses built to suit everyone from the professional ranch hand to the weekend trail rider. Videos of each horse will be posted as available. For more information on the horses or the sale in general, please give us a call at 307-645-3149 or email us at horses(at)wyodiamond(dot)com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to view or download a PDF version of the catalog:

Join us June 6th, 2020!

Roscoethumb Bootsthumb1 Bulletproofthumb Lexiethumb Milothumb Bobthumb Duallythumb Maggiethumb Henrythumb Katnissthumb Chromethumb Rockythumb Bilbothumb Monsterthumb Chipthumb Cahthumb Jedthumb Hersheythumb Gaugethumb Banjothumb1 Sambathumb LittleBuckythumb Hollywoodthumb Spirit Westonthumb Quillthumb Carlosthumb Captainthumb1 Busterthumb Sergeantthumb DudleyThumb Bugsthumb Maxthumb Quigleythumb Rawhidethumb Dominothumb Stryder Smartienewthumb Tuffynewthumb Crockettthumb Twisterthumb Ivythumb Skipperthumb Chilithumb Bootsthumb Honeythumb Lunathumb Hollywoodthumb1 Squirtthumb Diegothumb Buttermilkthumb Cowboythumb Cherrythumb Deetsthumb Wacothumb Fuzzythumb Russellthumb Montethumb Jivethumb Blondiethumb Milathumb1 Larrythumb Tankthumb Valorthumb Snippythumb Docthumb Maythumb JustinBootsthumb Slimthumb WindyBillthumb Calypsothumb Sugarthumb Cimmeronthumb Misterthumb Texasthumb1 Weavertransparent Bubblesthumb Nevadathumb Sundance Earlthumb Strawberrythumb Smokeythumb Oakleythumb Bullseyethumb Reverethumb Apollothumb Dukethumb Banditthumb Lady